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RedFalcon reviews Penumbra: Overture (PC)

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RedFalcon said...

This is by far one of the scariest games I have ever played. This game doesn't rely on cheap scares like other so called "survival horror games", but instead uses psychological horror. FEAR employed a similar style of horror, but unlike that game you don't have any guns. It has great atmosphere, the physics based puzzles are intuitive, and the pacing is good. This is the first game in a series of 3, and all three games (technically 2 games and an expansion) are available on Steam for $20. If you enjoy horror games this series is for you.

Game Traits applied to Penumbra: Overture (PC) by RedFalcon

  • The Setting:
    dark, Abandoned mine
  • Playing As:
    A normal guy
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Physics, first-person stealth
  • General Tone:
Penumbra: Overture

Penumbra: Overture (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 15/MAY/07
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